Meet the Demonstrators, Rahmat Gobel: What College Students Have Said Is Very True


MEDGO.ID, JAKARTA – The Deputy Leader of the Parliament of the Republic of Indonesia, Rahmat Gobel, together with other elements of the Leadership of the Parliament and the Chief of the State Police of the Republic of Indonesia, General of Police Sigit Sulistyo, Monday, April 17th, 2022, afternoon, met with college students who were demonstrating in front of the Parliament building of the Republic of Indonesia.

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In his opinion, Rahmat Gobel said that what was said by college students regarding the rejection of the extension of time and the discourse on three terms of office of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, it was very true.

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“If the extension and term of office of the president occurs, it will damage the image of our country’s constitution,” Rahmat Gobel said.

What the current government and parliament need to do, Rahmat Gobel continued, is how in the remaining term of office, we can solve the problems that exist in our country.

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As we know, in recent days, political elites have raised issues of extending the presidential term to three terms, and postponing the 2024 General Election. (*).
Reporter: Adang.